Apply For

  1. Applications & Permits

    Apply for county applications and permits.

  2. Birth / Death Certificates

    Please contact the County Clerk's office for applications. Applications for a birth or death certificate should be filed with the Local Registrar in person, by letter or fax.

  3. Employment Opportunities

    Review job openings, online applications, and resume submission.

  4. Concealed Handgun Permit

    Find out how to apply for a concealed handgun permit.

  5. Food Assistance

    Find out how to apply for SNAP food assistance benefits.

  6. Human Services

    View the Human Services that the county has available.

  7. Liquor License

    Contact the Clerk & Recorder's staff to apply for a liquor license for establishments outside the towns.

  8. Marriage License

    Applications and licenses are issued to couples whose ceremony will take place in Colorado.

  9. Property Tax Protest

    Find out about property tax protests and deadlines for filing.

  10. Sheriff's Office Records Request

    Request data or records from the Sheriff's Office.