Department of Health & Environment

The Department of Health and Environment is the local public health agency, as outlined in Senate Bill 08-194, the Public Health Act. The Public Health Act was established in 2008 to assure that core public health services are available to every person in Colorado with a consistent standard of quality.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of this Department to protect and preserve the health and environment by providing high quality public health care services and environmental protection services to the people of San Miguel County. The services are delineated in this flowchart.
  1. Public Health

    The Public Health Director oversees all DHE programs and administers women's health services, immunizations, the WIC program, other public health services and public health issues preparedness & response.

    1. Infant & Child Services

      Review the infant and child services that the County has to offer.

    2. Family Planning & Health Services

      Learn what kind of programs are available for family planning and health services.

  2. Environmental Health

    The Environmental Health Director administers County regulations with respect to environmental quality and public health, safety, and welfare.

    1. Food Safety

      The Environmental Health Specialist conducts routine inspections of food services (restaurants), retail food stores, daycare centers and performs school safety inspections.

    2. Private Wells

      On this page you can find private well owner rights, responsibilities and safety information.

    3. Radon

      Find information about radon and radon monitoring.

    4. Septic Systems

      The Environmental Health Department administers the permitting of individual sewage disposal systems (septic systems).

    5. Waste & Recycling

      Learn about the waste and recycling facilities available in the county.