Septic Systems

The Environmental Health Department administers the permitting of individual sewage disposal systems (septic systems). We help you locate, design and perform inspections on individual waste water systems. All systems in the County and State are required to meet minimum standards promulgated under State law. The permitting process ensures these minimum standards are met to protect public health and the environment.

Septic regulations (PDF) 

The Septic System Application (PDF) is available to print. The application includes instructions and general specifications.

Septic System Process

New installations must obtain zoning / development approval; please contact the Planning Department for a Development Permit Application. You must provide a site plan indicating location of proposed drain field, location of buildings and wells in the area (drain field must be 100 feet or more away from any water source). Citizens must pay a permit fee of $300 - Check payable to San Miguel County, due at the time of application.

Please see the Septic Permit Application (PDF) for more details on how to proceed