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  1. Planning Commission

    This board reviews and recommends to the BOCC on zoning, subdivision, PUD, and certain special use permit applications.They also review development and special uses as provided for in the County Land Use Code. They review and recommend Land Use Code amendments and develop a Comprehensive Development Plan as an advisory document.

  2. Open Space Commission

    Formed in 1995, the San Miguel County Open Space Commission seeks to protect and conserve open space for people, natural habitat for flora and fauna, and agricultural lands for the farming and ranching communities throughout San Miguel County for this and future generations.

  3. Transit Advisory Committee

    Established in 2010 to act as liaison to the Three Rivers Transit Coordinating County under Region 10. The mission of the committee is to improve communication between existing transit providers, aid in enhancement and coordination of services and engage in long range planning for public transit.

  4. San Miguel Basin Fair Board

    The San Miguel Basin Fair Board is administered by the CSU Extension Office, and is responsible for administering the annual San Miguel Basin Fair in July.

  5. All Around Board

    The San Miguel Fairgrounds All Around Board develops recommendations for fairground improvements and helps arbitrate between various fairground uses.

  1. Lodging Tax Panel

    The Lodging Tax Panel administers the San Miguel County lodging tax fund and matters related to the use of these funds mandated by ordinance to be distributed to local chambers and visitors bureaus for the purposes of marketing.

  2. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission is tasked with recommending historic landmarks within San Miguel County, to advocate and educate on matters of historic preservation, develop incentives and regulations when appropriate for historic preservation, and provide recommendations to the BOCC on all related matters.

  3. Board of Adjustment

    The Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals by any person aggrieved by inability to obtain a building or development permit or by the decision of any administrative officer made in the course of the administration or enforcement of zoning.

  4. Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals hears and decides on appeals relative to the application and interpretation of the adopted building code. The Board also reviews and recommends proposed or amended building codes to the BOCC.

  5. Other Boards & Commissions

    The page lists other Boards and Commissions appointed by the Board of County Commissioners or funded by San Miguel County.