Open Space Commission


  • First Tuesday of every other month from 4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Rotate between Placerville, Telluride and Norwood


  • Susie St. Onge, Chair
  • Werner Catsman
  • Angela Dye
  • Laura Kudo
  • Herb McHarg
There are open seats on this Commission.  Letters of interest can be sent to the Commissioner's office via email - or for more information, please call (970)728-3844.

Mission Statement

The San Miguel County Open Space Commission seeks to protect, conserve and enhance open space and recreational opportunities for people; natural habitat for flora and fauna; and, agricultural lands for the farming and ranching communities; throughout San Miguel County for this and future generations.

No one group can meet this mission; therefore, the County Open Space Commission works cooperatively with regional landowners on a volunteer basis and in partnership with land trusts, community organizations and associations, along with local, state and federal government agencies. The Open Space Commission is composed of a diverse group of volunteers who represent all areas of the county.