Qualifications for Designation as a Local Landmark

50 Years or Older
The structure or site must be at least 50 years old and satisfy 1 or more of the following 10 criteria for architectural, historical, or cultural significance:
  • Represents a specific architectural style or period
  • Represents a unique example of a structure or building type
  • Represents an innovation in construction, materials, or design
  • Demonstrates superior craftsmanship or high artistic value
  • Is an example of the work of a master architect or builder
  • Represents the built environment of a group of people in an era of history
  • Is associated with a significant historic event
  • Is associated with a notable person or the work of a notable person
  • Exemplifies the cultural, political, economic, or social heritage of the community
  • Has the potential to make an important contribution to the knowledge of the area’s history or prehistory
Less than 50 Years Old
A property less than 50 years in age may be designated if it is of exceptional historical, cultural, or architectural importance.