1. Administration

    The purpose of the County Administration office is to provide Commissioner support, public information and strategic executive leadership to the County Commissioners, the public and the county organization so they can experience and deliver excellent local government.

  2. Assessor

    The Assessor's Office is responsible for valuing all real and personal property, including mobile homes, residential and commercial properties, and agricultural land.

  3. Attorney

    The San Miguel County Attorney's Office provides legal counsel and representation to the Board of County Commissioners as well as to other county officials, boards and departments.

  4. BOCC/Commissioners

    The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) serves as both the administrative and policy-making body for San Miguel County.

  5. Building

    The Building Department issues permits for structural and nonstructural building and development within San Miguel County.

  6. Clerk & Recorder

    The Clerk's Office provides a variety of services, which include document recording, motor vehicles, elections, marriage licenses and liquor licenses.

  7. CSU Extension Office

    The Mission of Colorado State University Extension is "to provide information and education, and encourage the application of research-based knowledge in response to local, state, and national issues affecting individuals, youth, families, agricultural enterprises, and communities of Colorado".

  8. Coroner

    The County Coroner is an elected position. Emil Sante was elected in 2010.

  9. Courts

    Find information on Seventh Judicial District Combined Courts, jury duty, and the District Attorney's office.

  10. District Attorney

    Review the District Attorney's website to learn more about the elected official.

  11. Elections

    Elections information, including mail ballots, voter registration, FAQs and more.

  12. Finance

    The Finance Office coordinates and directs the county's overall general accounting and payroll and manages the county's debt, risk management and internal audits.

  13. Health & Environment

    It is the mission of this Department to protect and preserve the health and environment by providing high quality public health care services and environmental protection services to the people of San Miguel County.

  1. Human Resources

    The San Miguel County Human Resources Department is committed to providing internal and external customers with expert information, services, and products in a reliable, timely, consistent, and courteous manner with a strategic approach to improving business processes, contributing to the recruitment and retention of a high caliber workforce and providing innovative approaches to learning and development.

  2. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department is responsible for the County's technology infrastructure.

  3. Local Registrar

    The Local Registrar issues birth certificates for applicants born in Colorado and death certificates for those who died in San Miguel County.

  4. Mapping/GIS

    The GIS Department is responsible for creating, maintaining, analyzing and distributing the county's geographic base data.

  5. Parks & Open Space

    The Parks & Open Space Program manages several program areas including county fairgrounds, parks, trails, open space and historic stabilization.

  6. Planning

    The Planning Department is responsible for advising the Board of County Commissioners, the Planning Commission and the public on land use and development issues.

  7. Public Trustee

    The County Treasurer holds the office of Public Trustee and is responsible for processing Release Deeds of Trust and Foreclosures on Deeds of Trust.

  8. Road & Bridge

    The Road and Bridge Department maintains County Roads.

  9. Sheriff

    The Sheriff's office is responsible for law enforcement, investigations, civil process and maintaining a jail within San Miguel County, Colorado.

  10. Social Services

    The mission of the San Miguel County Department of Social Services is to enable individuals and families to achieve safety, independence and self-sufficiency through the provision of professional, fiscally responsible, quality human service in a progressive, collaborative, and customer service oriented environment.

  11. Surveyor

    The County Surveyor is required by state statute to maintain a survey plat records file and index system for these plats.

  12. Treasurer

    The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing Property Tax Statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities (school districts, towns, the county, special districts, etc.).