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San Miguel Sheriff's Office


The County Sheriff is an elected position. Sheriff Bill Masters was first appointed to fill out the previous Sheriff's term in 1980, and has been re-elected 8 times since then.  He is next up for re-election in 2018.

Phone Numbers:
Emergencies - Dial 911
Non-emergency dispatch 970-728-1911 option 1
Administration 970-728-4442

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Press Releases

alert 8/27/14 Lost couple rescued from Lizard Head Wilderness
DOC Press Release

alert 8/5/14 Mountain Lion Stalks Hiker
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alert Questions about adult use marijuana laws? Check out our Marijuana FAQs.

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hello All-Hazard Mitigation Plan, Community Wildfire Protection Plan and other community plans may be found on the Plans page.

doc Arrest Summary Report List of inmates incarcerated in our facility within a given time frame. Updated Monday and Thursday. For jail information, call 970-728-1911 option 2.

Link to Juvenile Diversion Department

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Option 1 for Patrol and Dispatch (24 hours)
Option 2 for Corrections
Option 3 for Administration/Records
Option 4 for Civil Process

970-728-4442 - Administration

970-728-6347 - Patrol, Corrections, Communications
970-728-9206 - Administration

General Email:

Business Hours: 
Administration: Monday - Thursday, 8am - 4pm

684 County Road 63L
Telluride, CO 81435
How do I get to the Sheriff's Office?
docClick for a map and directions

County Sheriff Bill Masters
Undersheriff Eric Berg (Corrections & Communications/Operations)

Jennifer Dinsmore, Emergency Management Coordinator & Administrative Officer

Staff emails:
Use general email:l

How do I get to the Sheriff's Office?
docClick for a map and directions

doc Sheriff's Office Frequently Asked Questions
doc 911 System Frequently Asked Questions
doc Jail Frequently Asked Questions
doc Concealed Handgun Permit Information - See the Info & Resources tab

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jump Civil Process Information

Civil Process
The Sheriff has a role as the executive branch of the District and County Courts, and is required by law to serve civil and criminal process and to execute writs and orders from these courts.  Civil papers can be received at our office, or can be mailed to us at the address on the General tab. Payment must be received prior to serving paperwork.  For questions call the Civil Processor at 970-369-8624.

Sheriff's Office employees are not allowed to give legal advice. This includes the eviction process or how to fill out court documents. This type of information can be obtained through an attorney's office or the Colorado courts website at exit

The San Miguel County Sheriff's Office can only serve civil papers within San Miguel County. If you have papers that need to be served out of San Miguel County, you will need to contact the Sheriff's Office or a private process server in that county.

Civil Process Fees & Info
doc Fees for Civil Process
doc Zone based mileage map
doc Civil fees mileage chart

Civil Process Procedures:
Provide one copy of the document to be served, service fee, a cover letter directing the Civil Processor, and a self addressed, stamped envelope. You may also send your own Return of Service; if not, one of ours will be generated.

We require prepayment for all civil processes. Remit $47.00 for each process needing to be served. You will be refunded or billed for any payments below or above the $47.00 amount. Make checks payable to San Miguel Sheriff's Office. For questions call the Civil Processor at 970-369-8624 or email

We do not accept Faxes or Emails

Service will be attempted with the information provided. We ask that you provide as much information as possible so that the individual being served can be easily found.  Pertinent information should include:

  • Home address (A post office box is not adequate)
  • Home, work and cell phone numbers
  • Place of employment, address

Mail Paperwork to:
San Miguel Sheriff's Office
Civil Process
684 County RD 63L
Telluride, CO  81435

“I need it Served Today!” Rules for Serving Civil Process
“A Sheriff is obligated to serve and to execute all processes, writs, and orders issued by courts or other legal authority as soon as possible…if a Sheriff gives priority to other matters subsequently delivered, the Sheriff is not serving with due diligence.”  Statute    30-10-515, 12A C.R.S. (Repl. Vol. 1986).

Therefore, by law we will not give special treatment to any one person or attorney’s office.  To do so would be in violation of state statute. We will serve the papers as they come into the office and we will not make any service a priority if we have others that were subsequently received and have not yet been executed.  A private process server may be contacted for more expedited service.
Service Exceptions
~ Temporary/Permanent Restraining Orders are served immediately. If after 4:45pm or on weekends, contact Dispatch at 970-728-1911 option 1.
~ Writ of Restitution (eviction) must be served 48 hours from the date the order was signed by a judge.

jump Concealed Handgun Permit Information

Concealed Handgun Permits - Fee of $105.00

doc Application for CHP
doc Information Packet
doc List of Firearms Trainers
doc Colorado Bureau of Investigations Reciprocity Information

If you are interested in applying for a Concealed Handgun Permit, you may obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit Application by:

  1. Downloading and printing our application above,
  2. Picking up an application at the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office at 684 County RD 63L, Telluride, Colorado (doc map),
  3. By calling 970-728-4442 and request an application be emailed or mailed to you.

    If you choose to download the application, please also download and read the accompanying doc Information Packet thoroughly.

Please bring the following to the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office at 684 County RD 63L, Telluride, Colorado (click for doc map with directions):

  • Your completed Concealed Handgun Permit Application. The application will be notarized at that time.
  • A copy of the training certificate received for a handgun training course. Copy or certificate must have original signatures.
  • Check, cash or money order for $105.00, made payable to "SMSO" (San Miguel Sheriff's Office) for the processing and Colorado Bureau of Investigation fees.
  • Proof of residency.

Updated 5/9/11

jump Emergency Preparedness

Please see the Emergency Preparedness page for lots of useful information on preparing for wildfire, flood, pandemic flu and more.


jump Sheriff's Office Open Records Request for Criminal Justice Records

Records Personnel are responsible for data records for the Sheriff’s Office. This includes criminal investigations, non-criminal activity and registered sex offender files. Records Personnel are Master Certified through the Colorado Certified Records Network.

Reports, Audio Data and other records held by the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office may be obtained from Administration for a nominal fee.

Records are paperless and can be emailed directly to you. These records may also be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office. Once you have filled out the Open Records and/or Data Request Form, email to, fax to 970-728-9206 or bring the completed form to our office. For questions call 970-728-1911, Option 3.

Open Records Requests are $5, which covers the first 15 pages. Large requests may incur research fees. Audio and Video Requests are $20 per CD.

To request information fill out an form Open Records Request Form or a form Data Request Form.

jump Resources for Victims of Crime

Local Law Enforcement Resources
(970) 728-9281, 24 hours (970) 252-4010 - Mountain Village Police exit
(970) 327-4244, 24 hours (970) 728-1911 - Town of Norwood
(970) 728-3818, 24 hours (970) 252-4010 - Town of Telluride Marshal's Office exit

Other Important Resources
(970) 728-5660 - San Miguel Resource Center exit(violence prevention/advocacy) (24 hours)
(970) 728-4381 - Telluride District Attorney's Office
(970) 252-4373 - District Attorney's Victim Coordinator
(970) 728-4411 - Social Services
(970) 565-8155 - Four Corners Child Advocacy Center

doc Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies List
doc Federal, State and Local Website Resources
doc Crime Prevention Tips
doc Domestic Violence Information
doc Victims' Rights Information

jump Sex Offender Information

The Colorado sex offender registry includes only those persons who have been required by law to register and who are in compliance with the sex offender registration laws.  Persons should not rely solely on the sex offender registry as a safeguard against perpetrators of sexual assault in their communities.   The crime for which a person is convicted may not accurately reflect the level of risk.

More information
To search for registered sex offenders within any area code, click here exit



The San Miguel County Search and Rescue covers approximately 1200 square miles, ranging from high desert at an altitude of 5,000 ft to high alpine at an altitude in excess of 14,000 ft. SAR covers everything from lost hikers, technical rock rescues, helicopter extractions, and avalanche rescues.

Search and Rescue Cards are available at the Sheriff's Office.  We have 5 year cards available for only $12. One year and additional five year cards are available at various sporting goods stores in the Telluride and Mountain Village area. Or purchase online exit and find out more info on what's covered and why you should have one.

Contact for Search and Rescue is Commander Eric Berg,

exitSAR website, including sponsors, mission logs and photos.

exitColorado Avalanche Center - for current avalanche conditions