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Treasurer's Office

The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing Property Tax Statements to the owner of record, collecting property taxes, and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities (school districts, towns, the county, special districts, etc.). Other duties of the Treasurer include receiving all monies sent to San Miguel County, maintaining correct and proper accounting of all monies, disbursing monies for obligations of the County on the orders of the Board of County Commissioners, and investing all monies until they are needed.

The Treasurer is an elected position with 4 year terms. Janice (Jan) Stout took office in 2007 and will serve through 2018.

The Treasurer also serves as Public Trustee in San Miguel County. See the Public Trustee page under departments.

Phone Number: (970) 728-4451

Remittance Addresses:

(US Post Office Only-no physical street delivery) PO Box 488, Telluride, CO 81435

(FedEx/UPS Only) 305 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435



2014 Tax Statements will be mailed in January 2015 by month end.

2015 Payment Due Dates

Full Payment:  April 30, 2015

Half Payments: March 2, 2015 and June 15, 2015

DOC Semi-Annual Statement to the BOCC as of December 31, 2013

DOC Semi-Annual Statement to the BOCC as of June 30, 2014

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Phone: (970) 728-4451
Fax: (970) 728-4397
General Email:

Business Hours: 
Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:45 pm

County Courthouse
305 W. Colorado Ave, Suite 105
PO Box 488
Telluride, CO 81435

Janice M. Stout, County Treasurer, Public Trustee
Mareen Dorka, Chief Deputy Treasurer
Ann Markuson, Deputy Treasurer

Staff emails:
Primary Email:

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jump Tax Statement Mailing

The Property Tax Statement is mailed at the end of each January to the owner of record, as their name and mailing address are listed on the Tax Roll as of January 1st.  The Tax Roll is prepared and maintained by the County Assessor's Office.


If you have not received a tax statement by February 5th, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 970-728-4451 and a duplicate statement will be mailed.

Address Change
The San Miguel County Treasurer must be notified of the change in mailing address for each property you own.  Please make change of address in writing or by e-mail and include a contact phone number. Mail to the Treasurer at PO Box 488, Telluride, CO 81435 or e-mail


jump Paying Your Property Taxes

The Treasurer is required to mail tax statements directly to the owner of the property. If your mortgage company pays your taxes, do not make payment directly to the Treasurer's office. Mortgage companies obtain a tax list from the Treasurer. All tax payments are accepted until the account is paid in full, regardless of whether the owner or mortgage company remitted payment. If you are unsure if your mortgage company pays your taxes, please check with your mortgage company. The property owner is ultimately responsible for timely payment being received.

By Mail
If mailing your payment, please mail to the San Miguel County Treasurer's Office, PO Box 488, Telluride, CO, 81435. We do not receive mail delivery at the street address. Please include the payment coupon for each property.

We accept postmark for determining timeliness of payment for the three major tax payment deadlines. For other payments such as redemptions, the payment must be actually received in the office by deadline for the payment to be on time.

Overnight Delivery or In Person
Payments may be made in person or sent overnight to the Treasurer's Office in the County Courthouse, 305 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO, 81435.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:45pm.

Online payments are subject to a convenience fee charged by our vendor. Please click on the "Tax Info" button on the left sidebar. Instructions on using the tax information link and payment website.

jump Mortgage Company Payments

Colorado Revised Statutes mandate that the Treasurer mail the Property Tax Statement to the owner of record, as their name and address are listed on the Tax Roll certified by the County Assessor. Therefore, your mortgage company DOES NOT receive a copy of the Property Tax Statement. Most mortgage companies perform their own research on the property taxes for which they are responsible by your contractual agreement. If you feel your mortgage company needs a copy of your Property Tax Statement, simply send them a photocopy or contact the Treasurer's Office for an additional copy.

Remember it is your responsibility to make certain your taxes are paid on time even if you have a mortgage company who pays your taxes on your behalf.


jump Payment Dates

Property Taxes are due January 1st for the previous year.  Payment may be paid in two equal installments or in one full installment.  Only HALF or FULL payments can be accepted per Colorado Revised Statutes.  Partial payments are not acceptable and will be returned to the sender. Payments bearing U.S. postmarks for payment deadline dates will be accepted as timely paid. If no postmark is shown on a mailed payment, the payment will be considered late if received later than 5 days after payment due date according to State Statutes. Delinquent interest at 1% per month is added to the tax amount if your payment is postmarked after the deadline date or has no postmark and is received over 5 days after the payment deadline.

Tax Payment Deadlines:

Full Payment must be paid or U.S. postmarked by April 30th

OR if paying in equal half payments

First Half Payment must be paid  or U.S. postmarked by February 28th and

Second Half Payment must be paid or U.S. postmarked by June 16th

1% interest for failure to pay by due date is charged on the first of each month with no proration according to Colorado State Statues. Payment cannot be accepted without interest if taxes are delinquent.


jump Delinquent Interest Chart

Property taxes become delinquent June 16th.

doc Click for Delinquent Interest Chart

Ad Valorem taxes are based on the property value only, and not the property owner's ability to pay.

jump Tax Lien Sale


The 2014 Tax Lien Sale will be held on MONDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2014. Investors interest rate is 10% for tax liens sold in 2014.

2014 Tax Lien Sale Informational Brochure available Here

2014 Tax Lien Sale Delinquent Tax Listing

2014 Tax Sale Results


Purpose of Tax Lien Sale
All property (real) taxes must be collected in order to meet the budget of all certified taxing authorities. Therefore, an annual Tax Lien Sale is held to collect the unpaid taxes. These taxes are purchased by investors who, in turn, earn interest on the tax liens against these properties. The amount of the individual tax lien(s) purchased includes the amount of tax, delinquent interest (November), advertising and certificate fee.

Three years following the date of Tax Lien Sale, an application for a Treasurer's Deed may be accepted from the tax lien holder if redemption of the lien is not received. The application process ranges from five to six months. All legally interested parties are given a 120-day redemption period to keep their interest in the property. Deed applications involves: remittance of $500.00 deposit to cover fees for advertising, certified mailings, title searches, and miscellaneous legal fees. Click HERE for lien holder procedures for a Treasurer Deed.

Element of Risk
It is important to remember the element of risk involved in the purchase of tax liens. The purchase of tax sale liens of properties under the control of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) exitand Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and those affected by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) exitor property owner bankruptcy could possibly result in the loss of interest as could destruction of the property. It is impossible for this office to identify the potential problems in this area. Please conduct your own investigation to reduce the possibility of loss of interest to you.  


The Treasurer does not determine taxes.

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