Map Viewers Launch Page & Disclaimer

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Multiple Viewer Options

By clicking on the map links on this page, you accept the contents of the disclaimer below.

These viewers will work with any browser, and on mobile devices. Scan the QR code below with a QR reader app to open in mobile devices, or open in a browser.

Training Videos
Short tutorial videos (<3m) are available for learning tasks such as navigating the map, using the layer list, printing and sharing, with more to come. Send your topic suggestions to the GIS Department.

Parcel Updates
Parcel ownership is updated frequently, but some configurations changes such as splits may not be implemented until the beginning of each year. It is the user's responsibility to confirm ownership and configuration with the Assessor's Office.
Latest ownership update: May 24, 2016.

Property Viewer

Property Viewer launch image
Property Viewer
Find and display property information, including parcel labels such as owner name and lot number. Create simple maps with aerial photos that you can print, save to PDF and/or email.

Public Noticing Viewer

Noticing Viewer launch image
Public Noticing Viewer
Using a simple wizard, create an Excel file or mailing label list of neighboring property mailing addresses. NOTE: Does not add extra distance for ROWs. Best used on a desktop or laptop.

Advanced WebGIS Viewer

Advanced Viewer launch image
Advanced WebGIS Viewer
Create advanced maps with more layers and tools. Layers include zoning, wildlife habitat, fire district boundaries, trailheads, ski trails, and more. Get a bird's eye view with Pictometry aerial imagery, create advanced searches, and search by latitude/longitude. Best used on a desktop or laptop.

QR Code Property Viewer

QR code for launching  property viewer

QR Code Noticing Viewer

QR code for launching  public noticing viewer

QR Code Advanced WebGIS Viewer

Old Viewers
Advanced Silverlight Viewer (old version): NOT WORKING WITH CHROME OR WINDOWS 10 EDGE BROWSERS
Public Noticing Silverlight Viewer (old version): NOT WORKING WITH CHROME OR WINDOWS 10 EDGE BROWSERS

Things to Remember
You should know:
  • The URLs of the viewer pages will change periodically, but can always be launched from this page - so please bookmark this page, not the viewer pages.
  • You will need the Microsoft Silverlight plugin to use the old versions of the viewers. The Chrome and Edge browsers will not work with Silverlight.
  • For 1 on 1 training please email Heather.
The information on the County mapping website is a product of the San Miguel County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department and is intended for the display of relative positions and locations only. Users of this information hereby recognize, acknowledge and agree that it is not a guaranteed accurate, legal or surveyed representation of land. The data are not a substitute for, and should not be compared with, a survey performed by a Colorado licensed surveyor. Users assume all risk and responsibility for any and all direct and indirect damages, including consequential damages, that may flow from the use of this information. Users further recognize, acknowledge and agree that the San Miguel County GIS Department has not made any representations, warranties, or guaranties of any kind that this information is survey accurate or fit to be used or relied upon for any particular purpose. The presence of a road feature on the map does not imply the existence of public access or ownership.

By clicking on the links on this page, you accept the contents of the disclaimer.